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Monday, August 17, 2009

Impropriety, Writhing Cold

Anent my watchful eyes,
A conversion to lead would appease
The deathly exhaustion perched atop my shoulders.
My frame slowly weeps
In conjunction with the warm, creeping breath
That falls rhythmically from my pale lips;
The affinity is etched upon my face
With weather and wan despair.
A disheveled soul melts into the stagnancy of a room,
Aloof and cool.
When will this waxen fa├žade remove itself
From the life that it has inundated and oppressed?
The blood can no longer evade
The unfeeling flesh of my face,
Frozen in a commemorative plaque of Winter's solace.
White robes drape over a vast corpse;
Darkness falls over the land.

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