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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Deceitful Water Lies Stably

Burned hues of the sun
Crawl across the links
Lying under planar water.

Vespertine whirls
Disrupt the stasis,
Snarl the long chains.

Unsleeping is the unctuous countenance;
Distorted echoes of the moon
Effloresce across

The dark face of the stream.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, so...I'm sure this'll come off really creepily, but here goes:

I saw you over on DN, you're rather attractive (forgive my being less than articulate [especially starkly so, I'll note, given the poetic context you've created here]...I have a good excuse), and depravity and charm do go hand-in-hand. Just thought I'd let you know.